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Applications and Uses for Laser Welding

Laser Welding is the fusing of metals using light as the energy source.


What are the advantages to laser welding?


  • The laser beam is very small (0.2mm minimum diameter) and the heat zone is very minute resulting in localized energy input even in very fine structures. This allows you to apply heat in areas you normally wouldnt with a torch, such as near gemstones, springs, enamels, antiques, eyeglasses, etc.


  • Little to no workpiece deformation.


  • Laser Welders allow the user to assemble or repair jewelry, or any metal items, very quickly and very efficiently.


  • The weld is three times stronger then solder, and there is no fire scale, boraxing, pickling etc.


  • Slim and flat welding seams, with an oxide-free surface.


  • Contactless welding, without effects of mechanical force on the work piece.


  • Preparation work is minimal and clean up is with a rubber wheel and an ultrasonic.

Applications and Uses for Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving is a process of ablating the metal by removing the surface material to create an image.


What are the applications and uses for laser engraving?


  • Hallmark identification and custom logos


  • Multi-line text on peices such as rings


  • Personalized and custom jewelry - watches, lockets, etc.


  • Safety and security identification marking

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