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Medical & Dental Technology

Medical Technology

Laser welding aids in the production of implant systems, the manufacture of surgical instruments, and endoscopes. The user is able to weld with or without filler wires depending on the material being used without having concern for the porosity, biocompatibility or stablility of said material being affected or compromised.

The benefits of laser welding are endless. High strength narrow welding seams, gas tight closures, and corrosion resistance are just a few benefits!



Dental Technology

Laser welding can be used in the manufacture and repair of crowns, bridges, and implant constructions. When compared to more traditional methods such as soldering, laser welding is more efficient, reducing the working time by nearly 80%.

The laser welder's laser beam is finely focused, resulting in a minimal heat-affected zone. The need for finishing work is reduced and the user is able to weld directly next to ceramic facings or plastic teeth.


Recommended Machines
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