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Motorized Work Tables

Often times the workpiece is too large to be welded in an enclosed chamber. We offer two workbench solutions. The AL-T Basic and the AL-T 500. Both systems incorporate joystick X, Y, and Z motion to precisely position the workpieces. Optional rotary axis for round weldings in available.


The AL-T 500 can carry out fully automatic welding by means of WINLaserNC software on work pieces up to 900 lbs. The AL-T Basic is capable of working on pieces up to 200 lbs.

AL-T Basic

AL-T Basic industrial work table for laser welding
  • Perfect for work on parts up to 200 lbs.

AL-T 500

AL-T 500 industrial work table for laser welding
  • Capable of welding workpieces up to 900 lbs.


  • Ideally suited for automatic and semi-automatic production welding using proprietary WINLaserNC CNC controls.

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