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SL-50 V-3 floor model laser welder

SL-50    V-3

Application: The SL-50 laser welder is an upgrade to, and based on, the very successful ALS-35S model laser welder. For use in production and repair of jewelry, fine welding of small mechanical parts.


  • A new generation in laser welding for high demands in continuous operational environments.


  • Robust power supply perfectly designed and appropriate for welding silver, copper, and 24kt gold.


  • Especially suitable for production due to its max. averaged performance of 120 watt and a pulse frequency of 25 cycles per second.


  • Processing time is reduced to a minimum especially when welding seams.


  • The optional microbeam diameter can be reduced to a mere 0.05mm. This is especially beneficial for very delicate work pieces.


  • Work chamber with removable bottom gives additional flexibility for welding larger pieces.

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