Application: The SL-20 laser welder is for use in jewelry production and repair, dental prostheses, fine welding of mechanical precision parts, medical-technical components and sensors. May also be used for repair of small molds.


The SL-20 with it's 50 watt performance is especially suitable for welding precious metals and materials with high melting points such as copper, titanium and tantalum.

  • An optional micro-welding device can be installed to achieve a 100 µm welding spot.


  • Due to its compact size this laser is ideal for jewelry repair, dental repair, and precision workshops.


  • This device is designed for very small rooms with already pre-assembled furniture.


  • Installation is easy and quick.


  • With 5 liters of water for cooling, the SL-20 is prepared for continuous operation.


  • The high quality stereo microscope, Leica, magnifies 15 times for optimal obervation of the welding process.


  • Efficient extraction of welding fumes.


Despite its compact design, the SL-20 laser welder can achieve remarkable performance. With the SL-20, all laser welding tasks of a small workshop can easily be handled!

Table Top Laser Welder


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