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Mobile Laser Welding Systems

In 2003 the first ALM mobile laser welding system was introduced to the industrial markets by Alpha. To date, the ALM as well as the ALM Flak are the most compelling and versatile mobile laser welding systems in the market place.


Mobile welding opens up countless new applications. Repairs can be carried out on-site on large and heavy parts and molds.


Conventional welding repairs have not only been costly but time consuming due to tranfer of parts to the welding device. Mobile laser welding reverses this by being able to bring the welder to the machine or part that requres the welding.


Welding with our mobile laser systems is extremely cost effective on many levels.


The AL Flak offers a range of motion and reach so that difficult repairs in deep, complex molds can be reached without problems. The ability to weld seams of up to 500 mm cna be made without a break in the process.



Al Flak mobile laser welder
ALM mobile laser welder
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