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Firescan Series Laser Engravers

Engraving Example
Engraving Example
Professional Safety Housing
Flexlift Housing
Basic Safety Housing
Comfort Safety Housing
Open System Housing

Application: The Firescan Series laser engravers are for permanent, durable, abrasion proof, and chemical resistant marking of metals and other materials. Used in production and retail shops as well.


Compact and simple handling make the Firescan laser engraver perfect for smaller workshops and studios, particularly during watch and jewelry production.


Unlike cost intensive water cooling models, the Firescan laser engraver relies on maintenance free thermoelectrical air cooling. Reduced operating cost makes Firescan laser engraver a great alternative to conventional engraving and marking techniques.


High pulse peak performance allows for fast and high contrast engravings on practically all metals, precious metals, ceramics, foils, plastics, as well as certain types of wood or leather. Powerful enough to withtand final polishing.


Maximum radiation qualities provide clean, first class engravings.


Engrave the inside or outside of rings. Use the optional rotary attachment to do the complete diameter as well.



  • Firescan's operator friendly software can be run on Windows XP or Windows 7.


The Firescan comes in optional housing features:


  • Professional, Comfort, Basic, Open System, and Flexlift. Each Housing Unit functions with the same Firescan Head. The Firescan head is avaliable in 8w, 12w, 18w.

Additional Features:

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