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ALW industrial series laser welder

ALW Vario Laser Welder

Application: Mold and tool manufacturing, thin sheet processing, medical technology, sensor production.


The "gold" standard of glove box laser welding machines for adding material and repair welding in mold and tool manufacturing.

  • The 3-axis positioning system (4th axis optional) allows a controlled movement of tools and parts up to 880 Lbs. underneath the laser beam.


  • The working angle of the laser beam can be set individually.


  • PC control software to automate small batch production.


  • Constant Power Control (CPC) offers a more efficient absorption of the laser energy by the material.


  • Bottom plate with adjustable height for foot-switch.


  • The ALW with 100 W or 150 W are mainly used for repair and metal deposit on tools and molds.


  • The new ALW 200 W or 300 W laser welders meets the increased demands of industries and trades to carry out larger laser welding jobs.

Available Options:

  • Turn and Tilt optics

  • Micro Welding aperture for beam diameterØ<100μm

  • Tiltable turn table with chuck for horizontal to vertical rotation

  • Magnetic workpiece bracket for free positioning of workpieces

  • Magnetic workpiece bracket for free positioning of workpieces

  • TV system for demonstrating and observing the welding process

  • Connection for regulated external cooling

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