AL Laser Welder

Application: The AL laser welder is for use when welding precious metals, copper and aluminum, mold and tool manufacture and repair, spot and seam welding.


  • Suitable for applications requiring high pulse energy or pulse power, ie. welding of aluminum or copper.


  • Numerous power models to conform to every need - ranging from 75 W to 500 W. You can now configure the optimum laser welding machine for your requirements.


  • The AL laser welder can be integrated into our optional work-bench systems - AL-T.


An assortment of diverse laser objectives helps localize the laser beam at the spot you want to have it. Whether it is a simple 90° beam deflection objective, the unique turn and tilt objective, or our rotating objective, the laser beam always reaches exactly the desired location on the work piece.

In addition, many optional accessories available for the AL:


  • Micro-welding appliance for welding with spot diameters < 100 µm

  • Rotating axis for cylindrical welding seams

  • automatic welding wire feed LAfet

  • work-piece clamp

  • camera system


This laser welder is mainly used for repair and material deposit in mold and tool manufacturing, thin sheet metalworking, medical technology, and sensor production.


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