RR Writer

20w, 50w, 70w

RR-Writer 20

The LASER-marker is a tool becoming almost indispensable to have in both the jewelry and industrial sectors. It is particularly useful for the marking of texts, logos, designs and graphic patterns. From serial numbering to photo engraving, the LASER-marker is perfect for customizing metallic objects or precious alloys.




• An integrated video camera  facilitates the viewing of the LASER-marking area and ensures total control during the marking phase.


• An adjustable Z-axis facilitates the focusing of pieces in the marking area, thanks to the aid of two high clarity pilot diode-LASERs.


• Powerful enough to cut up to 1.5 mm - 2.0 mm thick metal plates, depending on the machine.


• The "COLD-Light" technology, thanks to the scarce generation of heat, eliminates the need for pre-heating the equipment and avoids the use of auxiliary cooling devices.


• Operating commands can be viewed and executed using either the machine’s control pad or the software.


• The possibility to import images, models, logos, texts, etc., from a broad range of files with different extensions.


• The RR-Writer by OROTIG could also be fitted with a rotary axis device, to facilitate LASER-marking of curved surfaces, such as the inside or outside of rings or bracelets.

Additional Features:

Supports for Rings and Bracelets
Supports for Rings and Bracelets

Especially designed to be firmly applied to the rotary axis device, these three-pin chucks are perfect for LASER-marking the inner or the outern side of rings, bracelets and items with a round shape. A special handling support on one of the pins of those chucks can be adapted to have micro-marked by LASER large rings as well as rings exposing very large gems and stones.

Digitally Controlled Rotary Axis
Digitally Controlled Rotary Axis

All the OROTIG's Writers can be provided with a rotary device with automatic movement, controlled by software. A tool necessary for LASER-marking rings, bracelets and all round or curved objects. With its 1/500 scale precision, this device guarantees the perfect positioning of markings, even on particularly curved surfaces.

Automatic Feeder
Automatic Feeder

The automatic feeder for metal plates provided by OROTIG makes it possible to mark and cut objects from a metal sheet, without the need of single manual positioning at each task. Fitted with pneumatic electro-valves and electronic movement controls via a console, it is able to re-position the metal sheet any time in need of without the presence of a standing-by operator.