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Orotig MiDi Laser Welder


Orotig’s MiDi is a great starter welder for anyone new to laser welding and not yet ready to try a larger, more expensive model. This compact unit was designed for small repairs as well as for welding and polishing products made from gold (7-18K), silver, platinum, palladium, steel, cobalt-chromium, and brass — all with or without laser wire.


  • You don’t have to remove set stones, which saves time.

  • You can fuse and fix porosity holes and metal cracks.

  • You don’t have to use solder and risk overflow.

  • You can repair costume jewelry, watches, and more.



  • Stereo microscope with 10X magnification

  • 3.5" color touch screen

  • Air/water cooling system

  • USB flash system for upgrades and technical checks

  • Large welding chamber

  • Double safety system and removable supply cable


  • Dimensions: 20.5"W×23.2"D×13.4"H

  • Weight: 55 lbs

  • Pulse frequency: 0.5-3 Hz

  • Power requirement: 115-230V

  • Maximum pulse power: 5000 at 22°C

  • Peak pulse power: 2.5 kW

  • Spot size: 0.3-1.3 mm


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