EVO Series / BE Model

NEW 2015 EVO Series / BE Model Laser Welder

2018 BE Model

Large opening / Larger chamber

Ideal for manipulating larger work pieces!

The EVO Series BE Model offers a larger entry and chamber than the classic EVO Series desktop welder. You now have the ability to weld even bigger work pieces with this desktop! A new beam delivery system offers customers quick change options and parts for further increasing chamber dynamics. Interchangeable pieces for the beam delivery system allow the user to customize and create more space within the chamber!


Customized arm rests for superior ergonomic support.


Also, available with On Board Camera "OBC".

0.15mm microbeam




The New EVO Series/ BE Model offers the most Advanced bench top laser welding systems to match any pocket book!


The EVO Series/ BE Model laser welders are perfect for retail repair shops, jewelry design and repair, watch and eye glasses, medical device, and repair of small molds and inserts.


  • Dual controls, internal joystick and external touchpad, allow for faster operator-to- equipment Interfacing.


  • 5 preset pulse-shape settings to help achieve perfect Laser-welding on all kinds of metals and alloys.


  • ‘Post-pulse’ timing of Argon / Shielding gases directly to the welding area.


  • Hydraulic cooling circuit designed for heavy-load duty cycles.


  • Low Maintenance – Easy Use- and Low Cost of Ownership make these systems the most popular and highly desirable welders in the industry.


Optional On Board Camera "OBC"

Available on All EVO / BE System laser welders.


  • High Resolution Images for reliable depth of field viewing.

  • Shutter closure viewing

  • Auto-Adjust Brightness

  • Reduces Metal Reflection

  • No Ghost Imaging

  • Perfect Training Partner

  • Video out jack to large screen imaging

  • Perfect advertising tool for the retail jeweler!

NEW 2015 EVO Series / BE Model Laser Welder with OBC
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