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About B & D Sales


B & D was founded in 1984. Our company's activities are focused on bringing the finest laser systems, training, and service to the customer. We are the leading supplier of laser welders used by jewelry, dental and industrial markets. We have a large variety of models allows the ideal choice for your application.


We offer the highest performance and the latest technical features along with our laser welders. Our laser welders are perfect anywhere there is a need to bring metals together where there may be a heat sensitivity issue in fields such as jewelry, dental, medical, industrial, and mold and tool repair.


Leading laser welder technology within your reach with easy to handle features that allow the user to quickly get accustomed to the machine. Our laser welding machines fulfill all required ergonomic demands and ensure a constant relaxed working position. These devices are mobile!


Here at B & D Sales we have an on site service center and training facility to aid you in any of your laser welding needs. From teaching you how to use your new machine to fixing up your old one, we are always only a phone call away!

(401) 781 - 4810

 - B & D Sales Team

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